Thursday, November 20, 2008

This says it all

check out this website -be prepared to laugh

Do you feel blogging is addictive? Not just the posting, but the reading of other blogs and all the other that must be said about it? I may need a 12 step program before this is over.
I just burnt 2 large pans of cornbread because of blogging. I only wanted one pan of cornbread in the first place, but since I was thinking about my blog while preparing the cornbread I accidentally doubled the amount of liquid and put it in my dry ingredients. So when the stuff was still like water while I was whisking it, I realized what I did. So, I had to make a double batch. And the said cornbread didn't burn because I was posting or reading blogs, is was because I was talking on the phone about -yep, blogging. Robin and I were just chatting away about our blogs, she sure is a fast learner. Anyway, when I got off the phone with her I called my husband, accidentally, because I was trying to call his Mom and check on her. (And yes, it was because I was reading blogs online, just various ones. I found this cute one with brand new kitty's on it, oh sorry...) Since I had him on the phone, I decided to see what he wanted for dinner when he got home. It was then I smelled the cornbread --burning!! To make matters worse, since I doubled it, I used all my mix that I had on hand so I couldn't start over...and this was for work tomorrow. Everyone is counting on me. Oh, the pressure. I know they won't want to hear me tell my excuses...I'll tell them to read it on my blog.

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