Friday, January 16, 2009

Talking Snakes?

Atheist Kourou replied "Well, I suppose that if you can believe in talking snakes you can believe anything."

Kourou...Did you know that a gorilla can learn thousands of English words and has the capacity to use language?: "More recently, the striking achievements of Kanzi, a bonobo who apparently has learned more than 3,000 spoken English words and can produce (by means of lexigrams) novel English sentences and comprehend English sentences he has never heard before, has strengthened the case of those who argue that the thinking of higher apes is much more complex than had previously been assumed and that the capacity for language use, at least at a rudimentary level, is not exclusively human."

Do you believe in talking birds? Do you think porpoises speak to each other? How about whales? Do dogs communicate to each other? Do you think they understand English words?

Have you ever spoken to a dog? Has a dog or cat ever "told" you that it was hungry? Have you ever heard of dogs warning their owners of a fire in their home? Some presume that man evolved from fish.

Why then is your mind so closed to the possibility that an animal could communicate with humans? It seems that the atheist mind is open to anything as long as it’s not in the Bible. I wonder why?

Debs Personal Note: This isn't just for atheists...Christian, what do you believe? People don't go to hell for not believing in God. Many people will be in hell who believe in God. Hypocrites, those who refuse to repent and agree with God about their sins. Those who just don't trust the work of Christ being enough to cover their sins. Surely they must do something?

We must remember that God doesn't have the same moral standards as humanity. He is morally perfect and utterly holy.

The Bible warns that our damnation is just. Justice will certainly be done, if His mercy is spurned.

God views lust to be adultery and hate as murder. Lying lips (all lying lips) are "an abomination" to Him. Sin is not about little, tiny things that we have done. It is deadly serious.

I was glad to have this come to me today...and glad to share it. I thank God for His mercy that He would want us to know Truth and then give so generously. Treasure it today.

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