Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!!

I sure hope to enjoy this coming year with an attitude of serious playfulness. Continuing to take things as they come and keep a proper attitude. I'm letting Mags here be the example: she is thoroughly enjoying the surprise blizzard Oklahoma received over Christmas. Something we aren't used to at all. Although it did cause some postponements and even some serious tragedy, it was a welcome change of pace for many. Me included. We ended up having Christmas a few days later but in the meantime we played and relaxed and enjoyed the time off. (We actually still have one more Christmas gathering to attend and I can't wait!)

This is me on the end, my husband Darrin, my Mom and then my Dad. Four people I happen to love and admire. Yeah, I said four...if God can love me in spite of me, then so can I.

Today I am still looking at mounds of housework, Christmas decorations to put away, and a gob of eggrolls to make. The tradition of me making eggrolls on New Years Eve began when I was a stay at home Mom many years ago (OH, how I miss those days). Back then I had all day for the process. The last two years I haven't felt like coming home from work and doing all the slicing, dicing, browning, draining, rolling, pinching, frying, you get the hint, it's labor man!! And homemade eggrolls are totally worth it, but from now on the tradition is going to have to wait for New Years day. And so then I can make some pot-stickers and fried rice too!!
If I was one of those picture taking bloggers, you would see the labor of love in all it's glory. But you'll have to use your imagination on this blog. But I'll try to help. Picture a big red metal colander full of browned hamburger, caramelized onions and garlic, thinly sliced cabbage and shredded carrots all seasoned with soy sauce and several other secret herbs and spices. Now picture a dark brown counter-top nearly white from being smeared with a cornstarch/water slurry that's brushed onto eggroll wrappers with a cute blue silicone brush. OK? Now picture a large silver sheet pan piled high with at least 32 lovely little bundles of Chinese heaven waiting to be deep fried to a golden deliciousness and then another large shiny silver sheet pan lined with paper grocery bags soaking all the excess peanut oil. MMMmmm, here it picture a platter overloaded with the crispy little yummy's that are just waiting to burn the tip of someones tongue because they simply can't wait for them to cool.
Way to go, who needs a camera??!!!!


Peggy Doviak said...

Oh man, do I want an eggroll! Sounds like you made a masterpiece. Beautiful writing, too!

Dee said...

Happy New Year! Glad to see you back, you have been missed! Your description of "chinese heaven" has left my mouth watering and thinking about a drive into town for a take out, unfortunately I am not a cook. I hope you are having a happy day! Dee

Kati said...

You guys have no idea. The eggrolls are are like a party in your mouth!