Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Looking Forward

I really am looking forward to this year. And when I realized that, I had to ask myself why. {I do that a lot, I sure hope everyone else asks theirselves the tough questions too.} So anyway, I was surprised to find that the answer is because I'm a rebel. No, really, I am. Especially with myself, {you should see me argueing with myself over a diet! I always win...} but this time it's because last year was sort of shaky at best, and this year is being feared to be REALLY bad. So I hear. And that's the thought behind my rebellion; I refuse to believe that this year is going to be bad. Just because we may lose our money or jobs, and maybe even our guns. And not because we are threatened by those who seek to harm us, whomever they may be. I also refuse to believe this year is looking hopeless because, well I believe there is just too many reasons to have hope.
This picture displays 6 reasons for me to have hope. God put them in my life to show me that He is in charge and He has always had good plans for those who love Him and seek Him. Not good in the way we tend to think of good, but good in God's way of thinking. Which is of course perfect and holy.
Now, don't get me wrong, I have plans for this year and they do involve money and savings and beauty and comfort. But I also know I can never truly enjoy any of these things, or anything else for that matter, without the love and grace and hope that only God the Father can provide. I desire above all to learn deeper and deeper about the love of God. For it is out of that love that true justice and mercy are found. Also where I learn to love others the way God would have me to do. As He commands me to do.
These 6 children of mine (only the short oldest one on the end is from my womb, but whose counting??) seriously, I take the fact that these 6 children have been and will be looking to me, whether they know it or not, for what I place my hope in. And my world view as well. I take that responsibility very seriously, and thankfully so do the other adults in their lives. This picture has really struck me as a symbol that I've always had hope and will continue to for as long as God supplies it. And His promises are forever. Although I may have times where I don't see hope, I have faith it's there. Hope is a word I never thought much about until recently. I hope it's because I'm learning more about it. I really hope so.


deb said...

Very well said, Deb

deb said...

Thanks LINDA!!

Peggy Doviak said...

Great pic! I'm glad you're hopeful for 2010.